How To Replace A Garage Door Wall Switch

If the light on your garage door opener isn't working properly, check the wall switch. The wall switch activates the light on the garage door opener, which raises or lowers the door. A wall switch can easily be replaced by a beginning DIY enthusiast. Here are some tips to replace a garage door wall switch. Prepare to Work For this project, you need: work gloves step-ladder non-contact voltage tester multimeter with continuity  Phillips screwdriver or slotted screwdriver flathead screwdriver (optional) 22-gauge bell wires (optional) hammer (optional) insulated staples  (optional) wire strippers Set a step-ladder to reach the outlet in the ceiling for the opener cord, and disconnect it. Read More 

To DIY or Not: Three Garage Door Problems That Should Be Handled By Professionals

If you are like most homeowners, you probably like to tackle some projects yourself to save time and money. While there are a lot of projects that can easily be done without the help of a professional, not all projects fall under that scope. If you are thinking about tackling a DIY garage repair, make sure it isn't any of these three projects: 1. Broken Springs After several years of daily use, it is inevitable that your garage door springs become non-functional. Read More 

Securing Weak Areas Around Your Property

Making sure your home is safe and secure means taking a look around and recognizing the weak areas. Turning those areas into more secure ones will help you to cut down on the chances of your home being broken into. Take the information provided here into account so you know you are securing the weak areas to decrease the chances of being victimized. Tool sheds should be well-secured Criminals can be attracted to tool sheds and other out-buildings because they are set away from the living area of the house. Read More 

Would A Reflective Garage Door Help Or Hurt?

If you're a homeowner who is going to get a new garage door, and you're trying to decide between different styles, you may have seen all-glass or mostly glass doors that reflect anything in the driveway. Some of these are similar to the roll-up doors you see on mechanic bays at car repair shops, but others are darker or actually mirrored. This quirky setup does have some advantages, but you have to be sure you're OK with the disadvantages before getting one of these doors. Read More 

Three Ways To Keep Your Garage Warm During The Winter

During the winter, garages are one of the largest sources of heat loss given the large size of the garage door. Therefore, if you are concerned with how energy-efficient your business is, you will need to use weatherstripping to make sure that your garage door is as energy-efficient as possible by preventing hot air from escaping. 1. Replace Damaged Weatherstripping If you notice any cracked, brittle, or missing weatherstripping, you should have the weatherstripping replaced with something else. Read More