Securing Weak Areas Around Your Property

Making sure your home is safe and secure means taking a look around and recognizing the weak areas. Turning those areas into more secure ones will help you to cut down on the chances of your home being broken into. Take the information provided here into account so you know you are securing the weak areas to decrease the chances of being victimized.

Tool sheds should be well-secured

Criminals can be attracted to tool sheds and other out-buildings because they are set away from the living area of the house. This means it's harder for you to hear and see a thief stealing your belongings from these buildings. Also, tool sheds tend to store things, such as tools and antiques. These things can often be resold for a good amount of money and fairly easily.

You can secure your tool shed by adding window guards to the windows so someone can't get in through them. You also want to make sure you have a solid door on the shed that has a deadbolt. Deadbolts are some of the most difficult locks for a criminal to get past and they are also quite affordable.

Garages should be well-secured

Garages are also targeted by a lot of criminals because they are usually on the end of a house furthest from the bedrooms and living area. This means, they can get in them and search around without you hearing them from the house. Garages can be jackpots, especially if homeowners keep their cars in them and tend to keep expensive items in those cars.

It's a good idea to make sure you have secondary locks on all the windows in the garage and deadbolts on any side doors. If your garage door opens automatically, then you should secure a zip tie around the emergency lever and the track on top so someone can't use a long and thick wire to open the garage from the outside.

Your home should be as protected as possible

Deadbolts should be installed on all doors with outside access. If you leave a certain door open a lot, then you should install a security screen that also has a deadbolt. Windows should have secondary locks installed, as well as all sliding glass doors. You may also want to put a reflective tint on the windows so people can't see right in.

Installing a security system is one of the best ways to protect your home. The security system should cover all the doors and windows. It should also have a loud siren installed in the attic and directed where the neighbors will hear it well if it goes off. This way, they can come to your rescue if there is a break in. The system should come with cameras to cover all the areas a criminal may view as a good one to come in through.

Following all this advice will help create a secure place where you and your family can worry a little less about being victimized.