5 Tips For Making Your Garage Door Look And Work Like New

Even if your home is an older model, you probably haven't messed much with the garage door. This is especially true if it has worked just fine, which is generally the case with long-lasting garage doors. Now that your garage door is starting to show some age, however, you could be wondering how you can make it look and work like new. Fortunately, following these five steps will help you give your garage door a face lift. Read More 

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Garage Door Cable Issues And Repair

When you take a look at the average garage door from the outside, it looks like a simple mechanism that is designed to move freely open and shut to allow entry inside. However, when you observe the components and inner workings of the door from within, it is easy to see that these doors are much more complex. One of the components that makes the garage door operational is the steel garage door cables. Read More 

Should I Choose A Metal Or A Wooden Garage Door?

If you're in the market for a new garage door, it can be confusing whether to opt for a metal door or a more traditional wooden one. Both types of doors are versatile and durable, and they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The type of door you finally decided on really depends on your style of house, your budget and your family's lifestyle. Pros and cons of metal garage doors Read More 

Turn Your Garage Into A Glam Cave

Man caves are so 2014—how about starting a new trend and turning those partially used garages into a glam cave for the gals? Sure men may need an escape from work, but women need an escape from their job, screaming kids, dirty dishes and laundry, laundry, laundry. The time is well overdue for women to make their own claim on the garage and relocate those spare tools and fishing lures into an outside shed where they belong. Read More 

6 Steps To Replace The Garage Door Extension Spring And Cable Yourself

If you have some basic DIY knowledge of garage doors, and you are handy with tools. You can safely replace the garage door extension spring and cable yourself. There are six basic steps required to get the job done. All you need is a few tools and ability to follow directions carefully.  Tools You'll Need Along with the new spring and cable to replace the old, you need to have a few tools on hand. Read More