Tips For Maintaining Your Garage Door

As a homeowner with a garage, you might find yourself concerned about the condition of the garage door. After all, they are not always the cheapest things to replace. However, there are many tips for properly maintaining your garage door so that yours will last for as long as possible.

Check The Safety Reverse Mechanism

If you have a garage door that is equipped with an automatic opener, then you have the safety feature that will stop a door from completely closing on something or someone that might be in the way. It is crucial to make sure that this function of the automatic opener is always working properly, especially if you have pets or small children.

You can test this as often as you would like, but try to do it at least once a month. Simply open the garage door and then place a plank of wood on the ground where the garage door would come down. Then hit the button to close the door. If the sensor is working properly, it should recognize that there is an object in the way and start to reverse.

Look For Faulty Parts

It is important to make sure that you are also looking for faulty parts that need to be replaced before the door malfunctions. Take the time to look over the springs, hinges, locks, pulleys, rollers, tracks, and anything else that you can spot. Is anything starting to rust? Do some of the moving parts seem to be malfunctioning recently? If you notice any problems, you will need to order replacement parts right away.

Lubricate The Moving Parts

Generally, this only needs to be done a couple times a year. However, when you do notice that some of the moving parts are starting to stick, but are otherwise in good shape, you need to lubricate them with a spray lubricant sold for the purpose of using on your garage door. It only takes a few minutes but it can save you a lot of trouble later down the road.

With the previous maintenance tips in mind, you should have no trouble keeping your garage door in the best possible shape. Remember, whether your garage door is old or new, it will always need your care and attention. The better shape you keep it in, the less likely you will need to pay for the installation of a replacement garage door any time in the near future. (For more information, contact Rogers Overhead Door Co or another company)