Three Ways To Keep Your Garage Warm During The Winter

During the winter, garages are one of the largest sources of heat loss given the large size of the garage door. Therefore, if you are concerned with how energy-efficient your business is, you will need to use weatherstripping to make sure that your garage door is as energy-efficient as possible by preventing hot air from escaping. 1. Replace Damaged Weatherstripping If you notice any cracked, brittle, or missing weatherstripping, you should have the weatherstripping replaced with something else. Read More 

Three Simple Tasks That Will Keep Your Garage Door Operating Correctly

If you notice that your garage door appears stuck or isn't operating as it should, it's best to arrange for an experienced repair person to visit your home and determine the nature of the problem. Working on garage doors can be highly dangerous given the high tension of the springs, and being unacquainted with this type of work can lead to a serious injury. To keep the repair calls few and far between, there are a handful of maintenance jobs that you can perform on an as-needed basis to ensure that your garage door operates smoothly. Read More 

3 Ways To Update And Upgrade Your Garage Door

Many people use their garages exclusively to enter their homes. With a car full of kids, pets, and groceries, it's usually easier to drive into the garage and unload everything from there. Your garage takes a lot of wear and tear over the years, so why not give it a little TLC? Use one or a few of the following ideas to make your garage door prettier to look at, more energy efficient, and just plain better. Read More 

Garage Door Repairs: What To Do If You Suspect Problems With Your Garage Door Springs

While your garage offers a protective home for your vehicle, sometimes dealing with the garage door can be enough to wish you didn't even have a garage to begin with. The torsion spring is the spring located at the top of the door and is responsible for proper opening and closing of the door. If you're dealing with garage door spring issues, the steps below will help you to find the problem and figure out possible solutions. Read More 

Fixed-Code Garage Door Openers Vulnerable To Hacking – From Kids’ Toys

Having a garage door that opens at the touch of a remote button is a major comfort for typical homeowners. But that easy-open garage door can become a weak point in terms of security. One odd issue you might not have thought of is your door's opener code. If you have an older type of code known as a fixed code, you could be vulnerable to hacking. Repurposed Kids' Toys and Your Garage Read More