Why Your Garage Door May Develop Closing And Opening Issues And What You Should Do

A garage door is a great investment—and although it's frequently used, it's still one of the things that many people overlook when it comes to repairs. Usually, the door will show signs of wear more quickly than the other doors in your house because of its frequent use. Unfortunately, some people will not take the right measures when their garage doors show signs of failure. In fact, some will even try to fix the issues themselves, not knowing it's a more dangerous approach. One way to tell that your door has developed a problem is when it can't close or open with ease. If yours has developed this problem, hiring a garage door repair service is the thing to do. Here's why the door may develop closing and opening issues.

Cables Are Broken

You may experience a more serious problem when the garage door cables are broken. In most cases, the cables are usually aligned with the springs, and they help control the door's up-down movement. If they are broken, the door will definitely fall to the ground, mainly when in the open position. In this case, the door won't just make an irritating loud sound, but it could also cause serious injuries and damage. Most cables develop problems when the springs are broken. So it's important to fix the broken cables as fast as possible because they can be a huge safety risk to you and your loved ones.

Faulty Photo Eyes

Any garage door will not open or close properly if the photo eyes have issues. For some reason, these features could lose sensitivity if they are dirty. At other times, they could be blocked or damaged. In case of any of these problems, the door will not function properly. You may even experience other issues because faulty photo eyes compromise safety. So you should always hire a professional to check whether these features are damaged or misaligned and why. If the faulty photo eyes aren't repaired or replaced in good time, the door might be a safety risk to your pets, visitors, and kids

Broken Springs

Most garage doors operate using torsion springs. Most of them have two springs that normally run horizontally. The motor will run if the springs are broken, but the door will not move. A garage door with broken springs is very dangerous because it can harm you or anyone else. So if your door isn't moving, contact an expert to find out whether the springs are broken and if they are repairable. If the springs have maximized their number of cycles, you may definitely need to replace them.