Signs Of Garage Door Spring Problems And Why Hiring A Professional Is Important

Your garage door springs are tightly wound, and they are responsible for holding the heavy weight of your garage door. Garage door springs are designed to last about 10,000 cycles of opening and closing. How often you use your garage door in a day will directly impact how long it lasts. If you use the door four times a day, this means your garage door springs will need to be replaced at about the seven-year mark. There are clear indications that your garage door springs are not working properly, and you will want to speak with a professional to take care of the problem for you.

Your Garage Door Opens Slowly

If your garage door is taking longer than normal to open, this could be a problem with the opener, door springs, or a combination of both. Don't try to adjust the springs on your own. It is dangerous to tighten the springs when you don't have experience. Garage door springs can snap, causing you serious harm. A professional will look over the tension of your springs, and determine if it is time to replace them.

Your Door Doesn't Stay Open

Your garage door should stay completely open when it is in the open position. If it falls more than six inches, something is probably going on with your tension springs. The springs are supposed to hold the weight of the door when it is open. If a spring snaps when in this position, the door can slam down without warning. Pay attention if your garage door doesn't stay all the way open, and get the help you need.

Your Door Closes Quickly

Loose garage door springs are usually the problem when your garage door closes rapidly. Garage doors are heavy, and tension springs help to ease the load. You can end up causing the opener to become damaged if the garage door is straining against the motor as it closes. You might notice that the garage door shuts fast, or slams to the ground when the springs are an issue.

Always hire a professional to handle any issues with your garage door springs. Keep yourself safe, as a snapped spring can cause serious damage. If you notice your garage door opening or closing differently, or that it doesn't stay open, get the help you need. Your garage door can become unsafe when you don't get the repairs done that are needed. Contact a professional service such as Certified Garage Doors Inc today.