Garage Door Services Can Prevent Or Repair These Issues

If you have a busy lifestyle, you likely do not think about your garage door often. Hopefully, you do not skip garage door services. Many American garages are used for more than storing vehicles. The need to access them often makes it sensible to take proactive steps that can reduce the need for garage door repairs. Many repair issues are the result of a lack of maintenance. The following points identify a few common garage door repairs. 

Broken Springs and Cables

These are key pieces of garage door hardware. They serve the critical role of opening and closing garage doors. The cables are attached to the springs and work with them to move the door. While the springs and cables are manufactured to be durable, they need to be routinely replaced due to normal wear and tear and age.

Broken springs and cables are serious garage door repair issues that need to be addressed by a garage door technician. Attempting to manually lift a door with a broken spring issue is dangerous because the springs are responsible for safely maintaining the weight of the door. Without the support of intact springs, a garage door can slam down and damage property or cause bodily injury. Broken cables are also a safety risk because of their critical support role in the spring system.

Sound Without Movement

You might encounter a day when you can hear the motor of your garage door opener but the door does not move. Potential causes of this phenomenon are a locked garage door or a disconnected lift arm. All components of the opener have to be connected for the garage door to open and close with the remote. Accidentally locking a garage door is more common than you may realize. This is why it is ideal to check these things first. If the door's behavior does not change, seek garage door services.

Partial Open and Close Functioning

One of the best things about getting routine garage door services is that technicians inspect, lubricate, and clean parts of the system. This results in more efficient and reliable operations. Since the sensors in garage doors have to be clean, dirty sensors can cause doors to partially close. If there is anything in the pathway of the sensors, your door might not close. Sometimes other issues can cause this phenomenon and garage door services are needed.

Sticking Door

Maintenance can prevent many of the issues that cause garage doors to stick. Lubricating the door's tracks may stop this issue. However, some doors operate in this manner when they are out of alignment. A technician can make garage door repairs to realign the system. Contact a garage door service to learn more.