Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Garage Door Cable Issues And Repair

When you take a look at the average garage door from the outside, it looks like a simple mechanism that is designed to move freely open and shut to allow entry inside. However, when you observe the components and inner workings of the door from within, it is easy to see that these doors are much more complex. One of the components that makes the garage door operational is the steel garage door cables.

The garage door cables are designed to provide tension for the suspended garage doors. This prevents the door from slamming shut when it is closed and helps to retract the door open without having to lift the entire weight of the door. If you are having issues with the garage door cables, there is no doubt that you have several questions and concerns. Here are a few of the most common.

If one of the door cables is damaged, is it safe to continue using the door?

There are two garage door cables because the door needs to be evenly supported for smooth operation and safety as it opens and closes. If one cable is not working, either due to damage, friction, or breakage, the entire weight of the door will have to be supported by one cable. This is not a safe situation and should be immediately addressed by a professional. The excess stress could cause the remaining cable to break suddenly, causing the garage door to slam closed.

How difficult is it to replace the garage door cables?

Garage door cables are not as easy to replace as they may look. During installation, the door will have to be fully supported, which can be a daunting and hefty task. Some types of garage doors can weigh well over a few hundred pounds, especially hardwood and steel designs.

When the cables seem to be causing the door to get stuck, what would be causing the problem?

The cables of the garage door are wound around a pulley system that retracts the cable as the door is opened. If the door is sticking, this can sometimes be due to cable misalignment or the need for lubrication. It is fine to add some spray lube to loosen the cables from the pulley, but avoid pulling and tugging on the cables with your hands. If after little effort the door still seems to be jammed due to the cables, contact a garage door repair professional for help.

When you know a bit about the functional components of the garage door, it is easy to see why many homeowners only trust professionals for help when something goes wrong. Garage door repair often gets complicated, and sometimes even dangerous, really quickly. If you are having issues with your garage door cables, talk to a professional like one from for help.