Turn Your Garage Into A Glam Cave

Man caves are so 2014—how about starting a new trend and turning those partially used garages into a glam cave for the gals? Sure men may need an escape from work, but women need an escape from their job, screaming kids, dirty dishes and laundry, laundry, laundry. The time is well overdue for women to make their own claim on the garage and relocate those spare tools and fishing lures into an outside shed where they belong. There are, however, a few more tricks to making your glam cave perfect.

It all Starts with the Walls (and the Garage Door)

Don't settle for walls with exposed beams or where the insulation is showing. Put up some drywall. Then paint or wallpaper your glam cave to suit your taste. Don't worry about keeping it tasteful. If you have always wanted a hot pink or deep purple room, now is the time to indulge. You might even want to try textured wallpaper or rock star posters if that's what appeals to you. Additionally, ensure that the garage door is in good repair. You do not want rust or a floppy handle ruining the look. You can also paint the inside of the door to accentuate the walls of your new fem cavern.

Electronics for Her

No glam cave is complete without a television for keeping up with "Orange is the New Black," a speaker for cranking out those great tunes and a video game system for indulging in a little bit of "Just Dance" or other girl favorites. You also want to make sure the garage is cable- and WiFi-friendly so plugging in is a breeze.

A Couple of Really Great Chairs

Unlike a man cave, a glam cave is not a place for a large group of women to gather, you have other rooms for that. If you start inviting a crowd, you know you will start putting out hors d'oeuvres and cleaning for a party, which kind of defeats the purpose. So keep it to a couple of super comfy chairs for you and your besty and make this girly grotto a true getaway.

Other Ideas

With regards to snacks, all you need is a kettle for tea and a fridge for the wine. Other things to consider for your glam cave might include selections of favorite magazines, a few scented candles or any other passion you like to indulge in. Just remember to keep it clear of toys and testosterone at all times and you will have a special and sacred place to rest, relax and unwind – girl style.